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Love Rails Girls Jr? Want to join the team and contribute? Welcome!


If you have been a Rails Girls Jr coach, you are probably already on the member list.

If you think it was missing during the event.

Please contact the person in charge of your event.


If you master a language, and are willing to pay a little time.

This way we can bring Rails Girls Jr to more places around the world.

Welcome to open the issue or send an email to


If you want to host a Rails Girls Jr in your area, please fill out the form below not open yet. Please wait ❤️.

Or send an email to


If you’re willing to make Rails Girls Jr more creative and beautiful.

Feel free to open the issue or send an email to to enroll.

You can join the team of artists at Rails Girls Jr.

Design badges, t-shirts, logos and related materials.

Let your design bring a cooler look and feel to Rails Girls Jr around the world.


Help maintain and develop Rails Girls Jr related websites and forums.

Design the registration system for Rails Girls Jr.

Make a one-click installation environment for different systems Ruby on Rails scripts so that girls can easily configure the environment during the “Night of installation”.