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17 years old. The founder of Rails Girls Jr.

I am the founder of Rails Girls Jr, and I first learned about the Rails Girls project when I was 15 years old. At the time, I felt that this was a very attractive and wonderful thing. I was working at the Robotics Competition at the Shenzhen Experimental School in China. I remember very clearly that the ratio of male to female in the competition was 15:1. In fact, the well-known thing, the world’s first programmer is a woman, I do not know why now more and more men have become the industry leader. But these will not stop my enthusiasm for encouraging more women to join the programmer industry. Because this is the only way to be sustainable. What’s more, programming is not that difficult. The reason I created Rails Girls Jr is because I firmly believe that as long as you dare to take a small step, you will gain more sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. With Rails Grils Jr I hope that you can experience the unlimited power of technology, remember the first time you wrote Hello World? Everyone deserves that kind of happiness!

我是 Rails Girls Jr 的创始人,我在 15 岁的时候第一次了解 Rails Girls 这个项目。在当时我就觉得这是一件非常有魅力和奇妙的事情。我当时效力于中国深圳实验学校的机器人竞赛部,在那个时候,我就记得非常清楚,整个竞赛部的男女比例在 15:1 。而事实上众所周知的事情,世界上的第一位程序员就是女性,不知为何现在却有越来越多的男性成为了行业的领导者。不过这些都不会阻止我对鼓励更多的女性加入程序员这个行业的热情。因为只有这样才是可持续发展与健康的。何况,编程其实并没有那么难,我创造 Rails Girls Jr 的原因也是因为我坚信:只要你敢迈出一小步,你就会获得更多的成就感与满足。通过 Rails Grils Jr 我希望可以让你体验到科技赋予你无限的能力,还记得第一次写出 Hello World 的时候么?每个人都值得获得那种快乐!