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Emma | 秦猫猫

Visual design / Painting

Twitter: @EmmaYR00 / Email / ArtStation

The UEX of Rails Girls Jr.

Hi~ This is Emma I am a designer & painter. I am responsible for designing the icon of Rails Girls Jr. I like painting, I like beautiful things, and I love art. I am learning role concept design and illustrations now. Because I hope to be a de- signer who can create beautiful things and bring happiness to everyone. By join in Rails Girls Jr, I hope that girls can get to know more about computer technology, do not to be worried of gender differences, and do what they like~

你好~这里是秦猫猫 w 我是一位设计师 & 画师,负责 Rails Girls Jr 的 icon 设计。我喜欢画画,喜欢美好的 事物,热爱艺术~ 我现在正在学习原画设计和日系插画,我希望成为一位全能的设计师,能创造美好的 东西,带给大家快乐。 通过参加 Rails Girls Jr,希望更多的女孩子能接触到更多有趣的事情,不会被性别差 异束缚,可以去做自己喜欢的事情~