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Rails Girls Jr Guides English Version

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Host your first Rails Girls Jr event

Our goal is to empower girls to experience the power of technology and programming. Let the girl experience, as long as they dare to try, everyone can write their own websites and programs. We know that in a short day, there may be no way to teach substantive programming skills, but more to let girls experience this fun and wonder.

The Rails Girls Jr event itself will be a great experience for every beginner, coach, and organizer.

Rails Girls Jr was founded in Auckland in September 2018. We are proud of Rails Girls, a world-renowned women’s programming experience nonprofit organization, this event designed to help you carry out your own activities.

If you are planning to launch a local event, please contact us at contact@railsgirlsjr.com. We will do our best to provide assistance and provide official authorization.

Basic knowledge

The activities of Rails Girls Jr are not for profit. We do not charge any fees and do not pay the coach or the speaker. Participation activities do not require programming experience, and ages are preferably between 14 and 21 years of age “in accordance with Junior’s definition.” As long as you have a laptop and curiosity, you can participate in the event!

A one-day event will include a lot of teamwork and short, refined presentations focusing on programming, design and web. There will be no formal speech or debates here, and the atmosphere is best to be easygoing and pragmatic. The less abstract the concept, the more you participate in the spirit!

Rails Girls Jr Concept

  • Let your own personality shine, always remember the whole picture. When interpreting and repeating a knowledge point, it is necessary to put it in the big environment instead of dissociating it, so that the audience loses interest or does not know what to say.
  • The internet is created by people and it won’t crash because of your play. We are constantly reminding the human side of the audience website: Encourage coaches to discuss the open source community, their own programmer idols and stories that motivate themselves.
  • Copy and paste is king. Programming itself is not the core of the whole work. It is like we can’t learn Chinese in one day. We can’t learn all the grammar and expressions used in programming in one day. The purpose of the activity is to teach the students to fish.
  • This little world is spinning around the girls! But older women, housewives and even boys can participate. The “Girls” in Rails Girls Jr is not limited to the literal “girls”, but refers to a young, up-and-coming mental state. The two founders of Rails Girls grew up listening to the songs of the Spice Girls “Spice Girls”. They never think that the word “girl” refers to cute little girls, or implies any negative meaning.


Every “Rails Girls Jr” event is generally preferred on the weekend, so girls can usually avoid the usual school hours. The activity usually lasts all day, starting at 9 AM, setting the environment at 9:30, and officially starting at 10 o’clock. Time should be flexible according to the needs of the participants and local customs.

Teaching goals

  • Understand the difference between dynamic and static web pages.
  • Network language: Let students have a preliminary understanding of the composition of a web application. Learn “Programming ABC”: strings, methods, variables, arrays, exclamations, chaining, hash tables, blocks “blocks”… and tools such as terminal “terminal”, browser, text editor, etc. Introduce the basic functional modules of the Internet: programming language, framework “frameworks”, database and its infrastructure.
  • Let the learner know where to start learning programming, whether online or offline.

The day before the event starts at 7:30 PM Dinner

The coaches have dinner together and get to know each other. Exchange contact information. Some resources, textbooks, badges, conference cards, T-Shirt that need to be used in the invention. Check with the coaches about the web application and the main content that will be explained the next day.

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Check in

Set an obvious sign-in sign at the entrance. You can confirm your identity by sending a QR code or verification code in the mailbox of the participating girls in advance, a warm greeting and a badge, a conference card, T-Shirt. Guide girls to the main venue and decorate the venue with balloons and posters. Let the venue come alive. Try Linda Spotify Play List

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Installation environment

Project a one-click configuration script prepared in advance, let the students enter in the terminal, and then wait. The coach pays attention to the computer. If there is a problem, please use RVM. Try to explain the meaning behind the command with the girls and let the girls sit and relax.

10:00 AM - 10:10 AM Welcome message

The organisers of the event made a welcome speech, a simple self-introduction, and a brief introduction to the story of Rails Girls Jr and Rails Girls. Don’t forget to mention the names of “sponsorship” and “individual”, show the web application we will develop, and introduce what programming is.

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM User experience “UX”

User Experience “UX” Workshop

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Programming Getting Started

Ask a coach to explain this and explain why we are learning Ruby, even though the main tool is Rails. What is the relationship between Rails and Ruby. Which companies in the world are using the Rails framework.

Topics should include:

  • What is the difference between dynamic and static web pages, and what is the web application “Web apps”?
  • What is a programming language? What is Rails?
  • Tools we will use: browser, terminal, code editor, program directory
  • Demonstrate tryruby.org and use it to explain Ruby and do 3-4 exercises.

11:30 AM - 01:00 PM Studio time 『Please control the speed, not too fast! 』

Go through the railsgirlsjr.com/app tutorial and explain what we are doing at each step, as well as important nouns and concepts. Explain the cost is simple, even if it sacrifices accuracy. There is no need to explain all the advanced concepts. Just answer when there is a problem. If the problem is too difficult or “super-class”, you should skip it decisively. We are not teaching perfect programming skills, but teaching how to solve practical problems. The students first need to learn to “go” and then “run”.

The concept that should be covered:

  • Rails Generators
  • Scaffolds: Rails App Structure “Architecture of Rails”
  • Gem Management “Gem Management”
  • MVC, REST/Resources
  • Models and Active Record
  • Controllers and ActionController
  • Views and ERB

Tip: Coaches are also mortal, they are likely to participate in this event for the first time. Teaching can make them fall or fear, so help coaches and teams in time, even if it is just encouragement and support.

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Lunch

Pay attention to whether the supply of lunch for allergic girls, Muslim girls, vegetarian girls, and lactating girls is met.

02:00 PM - 02:30 PM Closed

Guide girls to share their experiences and feelings on social platforms “Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat.”

02:30 PM - 05:30 PM studio time

It’s time to continue developing the program. Pay attention to the atmosphere of the venue: If everyone still seems to be unable to concentrate, let the coach or other participants do some short talks “lighting talks”.

The topic of the speech can be as follows: but not limited to these:

  • Female professional programmers talk about the experience of working in this industry.
  • Design: User experience and interface “UX & UI”, make some demonstration programs “mockups” on paper or computer.
  • Introduce popular technical concepts and frameworks “frameworks” in an interesting way: Github? What is the commonality between programming and literature?
  • Show something real: It’s best not to be empty, to be specific, to tell the true story.
  • Share the food and work experience of Internet manufacturers.

After everyone has finished writing the program, take some time to try to modify the CSS, join the comment system, and more.

05:30 PM - 06:00 Git, open source her!

At the end of the develoPMent, introduce Git and the open source world, let participants know the relationship between Github and Git, and Rails Girls Jr is a branch of Rails Girls.

Let the girl decide for herself whether she wants to open source her own results today, choose the appropriate open source license, introduce the usage of Github Desktop, and sign up for a Github account.

After the end, if the girl wants to join the organization of Rails Girls Jr, pay attention to collect the girl’s registered email address.

evening 06:00 - evening 06:10

The event organizer came to the stage to make a simple end, thank the girls who attended the meeting, and took a group photo.

Promote Rails Girls Jr

Every time the Rails Girls Jr event gets a dedicated page on the main site, the link is like railsgirlsjr.com/event/city, which is used to record and store information such as photos, slides, and more. A page of past event hosting cities can be found here: railsgirlsjr.com/event

When the event is in progress, remember to take a photo, record tweets and Weibo, and interview the participants. Also please keep the list of coaches.

How do I find a local software developer/programmer?

Google. Almost every country has a Rails or Ruby community (some might be called “Ruby Brigade” or “Ruby Tuesday”). Note Hackernews parties, GitHub members or Dribbble drafters, etc. Search the local open source community. Participate in Ruby-themed meetings (such as these, etc., or not just Ruby), and parties related to meetup.com. Call the software company, regardless of size. Don’t forget IRC and Podcasts!

Use Twitter search or Weibo’s “#” tags such as #rails #ruby and #open source. To find someone near New York City, use this string to search for “near:NYC within:15mi”. Some countries may have unique labels such as #Rubysur and #RubyArg, and ask local experts to know!

Entrepreneurial community. Startup Digest is a good example.

Sometimes when you find the right person, one or two important people (Chinese: opinion leader) can help you. The degree of interconnection in the technological world is staggering.

How to find a girl at the meeting?

Use social networks: Facebook, Twitter or local services like Weibo. Friends, girlfriends and classmates!

Divergent thinking: college, high school, junior high school. We want to find girls who are interested in technology.

How to get media attention?

One of the important goals of Rails Girls Jr is to make girls the main force in building networks. So we have to contact the local media and infect them with the spirit of the girls we meet. We must actively help the media prepare the press release. See railsgirlsjr.com/press for details.

Rails Girls Jr is aimed at a group that is not easy to meet on other occasions: girls who are interested in technology, they may also be potential sponsors of users, employees or partners.

The sponsors we are looking for should be active in the local technology industry, whether it is a small startup “Startup” or a large enterprise, a non-profit organization or a government department.

In addition, you can also contact non-traditional companies such as children’s products stores, universities, women’s magazines, beverage companies, etc. They may also be interested in technology.

Rails Girls Jr must be non-profit: if there is any remaining funds, it will be used to support the follow-up activities of the participants in the future.

What can a sponsor get?

  • Trademarks at the venue
  • Set up a workbench at the event to distribute advertisements and/or souvenirs
  • Get officially authorized photos from the event
  • Don’t give attendees information to sponsors, but sponsors are free to attend events and remember to thank them. The sponsor’s souvenirs can be handed to the participants together, but these souvenirs should be styled, unconventional, and in line with the girls’ aesthetics.


Who can host the Rails Girls Jr event?

anyone. What we are looking for is someone who is willing to work hard to bring girls into the world of web development. We want to get to know people (not all):

  • Close contact with the local software industry. We don’t emphasize a particular technology, so we don’t have to be a pure Ruby or Rails developer. In fact, each activity requires 5 or more coaches with Rails experience, each of which sacrifices two days. In general, 25-40 people participate in each event.
  • Organizational experience. No need to be super experienced, but at least some experience.
  • Can contribute some ideas on how to find a girl who is interested in technology. Universities, high schools, junior high schools, people with experience in the education industry, we are looking for people who are interested in the Internet but have no programming experience.
  • In the future, there will be girls who want to organize their own Rails Girls Jr or other developer gatherings, or who can lend a helping hand when they have problems.

Fill out this form railsgirlsjr.com/inyourcity Please wait for the project to start. Our team members will contact you.

What kind of occasion is suitable for holding events?

We recommend a venue that can accommodate 30-50 people. For an activity on a programming theme, it should be satisfied:

  • Tested, high speed, stable internet. There will be 30 computers online at the same time, plus mobile phones, online songs, videos, the test of the network can be imagined!
  • There are conditions for groups of 4-6 people to work together: tables and chairs, sometimes large pillows are also available! Can be scattered in multiple rooms.
  • Extension cords and projectors are available.
  • There is space for food and drinks, special lunch space, or nearby.
  • Don’t force it, but it’s better to have an external monitor, which is useful for coaches to explain the code.
  • Ask where local developer conferences are held. Clubs are often willing to provide venues to increase their own visibility.

Universities and high schools will be a good choice. Since the girls participating in Rails Girls Jr are mostly students, the school will be willing to provide such a venue.

What are the requirements for the coach?

Rails Girls Jr’s activities are mainly in the form of small groups, ideally 4-5 people / coach. Coaches don’t have to be Rails experts, they have basic knowledge, and enthusiasm is more important than professional knowledge. What we want is someone who can answer questions, be optimistic, and be able to maintain the scene for 8 hours!

You can preview the tutorial railsgirlsjr.com/app here. We always have to organize a pre-event coach dinner to discuss teaching suggestions and ensure that each coach knows the situation.

We hope that coaches will be willing to disclose their Twitter / Github / Weibo usernames, or other contact information, so that we can keep in touch with our team and make it easy for local girls to find answers.

In addition, we encourage coaches to educate us and suggest more programming exercises. After completing the ideation process, many girls also want to modify the look of their site, add comments, share Facebook, deploy to Heroku, and more. We are also preparing to add a coach-created mini-course to the website.

  • Do you want to be a Rails Girls Jr coach?
  • Letter to the coach

What material can I get?

Every time you get a Rails Girls Jr event, you get a dedicated web page.

In addition, we will help you design gift packages, poster templates, handouts and other souvenir-like stickers, reflective stickers and more. All materials can be found on the official website. You can also ask if the sponsors are interested in distributing their souvenirs.

So far we have these souvenirs:

  • sticker
  • badge
  • T-shirt

How to choose a list of participating girls

There are only three questions in our application form:

  • Do you have programming experience?
  • And why are you a good Rails Girls Jr?
  • Age?

Rails Girls Jr is designed for young girls and we want it to work for students of all ages. However, we have to explain to the participants that Rails Girls Jr will not turn anyone into a programmer. Therefore, people who want to change careers will be disappointed. In addition, we like girls with diverse backgrounds and enthusiasm.

After completing the selection, we divided the participants into three categories:

  • No programming experience
  • Have front-end development experience (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Have a little programming or computer science experience

You can use the name tag to indicate the classification of each girl, such as “rubies, foxes, octocats, rails..”

What do you do after the event ends?

The significance of inviting real developers to be coaches is that not only do participants gain first-hand knowledge, but they also lower their barriers to entry into the technological world. How to let girls continue to program?

  • Encourage them to continue practicing, such as using Codecademy.
  • Present two recent developer events that will give them the opportunity to reach out to more local developers.
  • Invite everyone to join the Facebook group and give them a chance to ask questions.
  • Invite participants to a party again within one month.

You can organize a party at Rails Girls Jr Global Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Rails-Girls-Jr/. We will be happy to help you spread. However, it doesn’t matter what organization you use (Rails Girls Jr or others).


Here is a small memo.

Rails Girls Jr can be prepared in a few weeks, but it takes about two months to organize a truly successful event. Not all of the following steps are necessary, these are just to help you remember.

Before the event

  • Fill in the application form, and let us contact you!
  • Prepare a project plan in Google Docs.
  • Confirm date and venue
  • Find a local coach and try to find at least 5 coaches who are interested in joining.
  • Publish the website and identify the theme. Date and venue

Application deadline

A short introduction, about 200 English words around the amount of information. Can refer to past events!

List of speakers

Cooperative units, each summed up in one sentence and add an icon (100 x 100 pixels or 250 x 90 pixels png format)

Coaches, and their Twitter/Weibo usernames

  • Start to spread activity information
  • Start looking for sponsors
  • Contact the media and write a press release
  • Email the selected or unsuccessful applicants
  • Send the installation tutorial and event details by email
  • Determine the coach dinner time and send them a tutorial


  • Enjoy it, whether you are a coach or an organizer
  • Tweet/Weibo!
  • taking pictures
  • Interview the girls and ask them about their experiences

    After the event

  • Continue to update the page, add images and participants’ blog posts
  • Invite everyone to join our Facebook group
  • Thanks to the participants
  • Thanks to the organizers


The birth of Rails Girls Jr stems from the discussion of @tuzi and @Linda. Thanks to Rails Girls’ CC BY-SA 3.0 for helping Rails Girls Jr to get up and running quickly, the birth and existence of Rails Girls Jr is inseparable from every contributor. thank! Rails Girls and Rails Girls Jr are a beautiful story, thanks to everyone who pays.